Lindley Habilitation Services’ Training Department (Demarcus Scales, Training Director 336-404-4206)

Below is a basic description of all certification trainings that we offer ( NCI Prevention, NCI Core, NCI Core plus, CPR, First Aid, CPR for the Professional Rescuer and Bloodborne Pathogens( OSHA) including the prices and the locations they are taught. If you have any questions about the certifications or to register for a certification training please contact our Training Administrator, Chello Timmons at 336-906-7938 or For additional questions or concerns, please contact our Training Director, Demarcus Scales at 336-404-4206.
Now Available: Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer.

Who Will These Trainings Benefit:
Medicaid Agencies, Day Programs, Rehabilitation Agencies, AFL’S, Group Homes, Social Organizations, Schools, Community Programs, Churches, Day Care Programs.

Have a trainer come to your facility:
Call Demarcus Scales at 336-404-4206 for rates and pricing in Greensboro, Raleigh, Wilmington NC and surrounding areas.

Medication Administration Training is for internal LHS staff, and is not available for outside agency training.

North Carolina Intervention:
Prior to beginning any NCI course, a Training Agreement must be on file for each agency attending training. Click here to download the training agreement. This will be need to be submitted prior to attending training.Please make sure that the agency name is printed at the top of the page.

NCI Prevention– $ 35 (6-8 hours): NCI Prevention will teach you how to recognize situations in which individuals may display physical aggression, and provide you with tools to help prevent escalation in their aggressive behavior. A test out option is available for recertification provided that certification has not expired. 80% on written test and class participation is required to pass.Certification is valid for 1 year. This Class is taught in Greensboro, Wilmington, and Raleigh

NCI Core– $ 35 (6-8 hours): NCI Prevention is a prerequisite. NCI Core will teach you how to protect yourself if your individual does display physical aggression towards you. This class focuses on blocking punches and releasing if the individual grabs you, pulls hair, and chokes you. With NCI Core the goal is to not only protect yourself but to not escalate the situation or cause harm to the individual.100% on demonstration test required to pass. Valid for 1 year. This Class is offered only in Greensboro.

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